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Hector La Fosse’ is a first-time novelist, Award-Winning Author, and motivational speaker. He was born and raised in the ghettos of New York. Hector is the youngest son of seven siblings. He came from poverty and struggled daily to survive an upbringing mired in abuse and abandonment. As a nine-year-old sleeping in the back of his uncle’s tenement building basement, he would walk the streets asking for money or wait for the restaurants to close so he can sweep and mop for a plate of food. Afraid of the dark, the smell and eerie feeling of where he slept, he decided he’d rather be homeless and Central Park became his new home. 

The streets embraced him, as his life became out of control. He was a dreamer, looking for a better tomorrow, but his secrets and the demons of his past held him hostage. For many years he hid his feelings behind his mask and became someone else. Healing the wounded child from within became his life long struggle.  He experienced much trauma, but learned to overcome them and reach success. 

As a teenager, Hector was inspired by a book, called, “Down These Mean Streets”, written by Piri Thomas. Reading this book served as a pivotal moment in his life. It was then that he dreamt of becoming a writer someday. However, it would be forty-five years later that he would find his passion and make his dream a reality. 

Hector believes that everything he has experienced thus far was to give him the courage to find his voice and speak his story. He learned that having no regrets is a process, a journey that takes time. The wounds were deep but the healing became possible. He believed that there was nothing he couldn’t overcome, and that was all the drive he needed.  With courage, determination and a positive mental attitude, he now chooses to live his life and only reflect on his past mistakes to help him aspire higher.


His goal is to educate and to shed light on those taboo subjects that most children and men are ashamed to discuss. He looks to inspire others that may be experiencing similar pain, hiding behind masks. He wants others to know that there is strength in the human spirit. Today, the most important thing to him is to keep faith and hope alive, because without it, it will be difficult to heal that little child within, and to finally live without regret and be free.

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